New Purchase

Today Ray and I had a super book shopping spree at the local Page one..While I spott
ed out the psychology section for him, he ran towards me to notify me of the massive bargain on illustration books....
I sprinted there as fast as I could and spent the past hour in a huge dilemma.
I could not decide which books to get as I fell in love with all of them.

Confused, I sat on the wooden floor and spread them around my legs and started to think hard..
Out of no where, suddenly Ray came and scooped them all up and took off with them without saying a word.
Stunned, I looked up just in time to see his hand silently signaling me to follow him.
I rose to my feet that were bursting with a thousand pins and needles and he told me that he wants me to get all of them..
Aww... Not that I didn't want to... but,, should I spend so much on one day for books???
He said.. "If you really need them, get them!" Hah.....
YES, i WOULD SUFFER A LOT WITHOUT BUYING THOSE BOOKS, so I was left with no choice but to get them! Hahaaa...

Ray himself picked up a book on Sigmund Freud... Hmmm

So here I am now, in another dilemma...
I don't know which one to read first!!!!!

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