A big hug!!!

I am back from my super long, exhausting, boring, ughhh 'break..'

Everyone that peeps in here once in a while might notice how Catherine Ashley Talks Fashion has been down for a while now.
Well, I guess I owe an apology and explanation to all of you for not fulfilling my blog requirements..

Here it goes;

During these few months, the 'project' that i keep mentioning that I have been sooo busy on is actually a side job (which ended up being a full time) which was to create a whole syllabus and lesson plan for a kindergarten.

After half a year of working, painting, typing and posting, I decided that I needed to focus on one thing at a time in order to get things done faster. Which I did!
Due to my contract, I guess it left me no choice but to skip life for a few months and bloody complete my job.

Well, It's DONE!!! i did it!
It feels so nice to say that!

This is where it get exciting--

I'm going to be a mummy!!!
And we are expecting a lovely baby girl by the beginning of 2010!
Names that we considered; Audrey, Yellow, Creme, Pastell, .....
But, due to circumstances and things that have happened in these few months, we finally settled on Clover Audrey Khayalan Ong.

This name has a very nice and special meaning to both of us and my husband thought it would be much more appropriate not to name a baby based on the names of colours or fabrics (note; my cats Linen and Cotton).

So, lots of new posts here that will be posted up shortly..
Missed all of you terribly,

Catherine Ashley for CATF!


Betty said...

WOW congratulations on both the baby and on finishing up the job!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Thank you, Betty!