Clover overloaded

So as many of you amazing bloggers that always drop by might know, my husband and I are expecting our first child this winter.
We just found out last month that we are expecting a lovely, little girl!!!!
So, as first parents, you can imagine how carried away and excited we are into bringing a little girl's life into this world.
I must say that I often find myself overloaded with cuteness from all of these baby bits and bobs that we have bought so far.
I am currently on a search for a lovely mobile and soft toy (hopefully a lamb or an elephant).
But for now, I am quite satisfied with this little Fabler Mus that we got from IKEA.
It is so cute and adorable and my husband and I often pretend that it is our baby.
We try to see if we can handle sleeping in a bed that has a baby in the middle. Failed!Huhuhu...

Here are some other softies from IKEA that I and any other little baby will adore....


Aimz said...

Aaawwww how sweeet!! Lil Fabler Mus is so cute... I can imagine the fun you're having storing up on the baby bits...! I'm so happy for you Lulu :)) Have a great weekend! xOxO

daisychain said...

Oh I am SO excited for you, how exciting!
I love shopping for babies, my god son is SO spoiled!