Cute ETSY Picks

Ceramic owls always manage to find a spare space in my home.
here are my three favourite affordable ceramic owls, from Fruity Fly .
The first is a dish, the second a light, and the third is a toothbrush holder!
Wouldn't they add a special touch to your home!!!

These adorable Mr. Owl and latte cup was handmade by the amazing crochet artist, Sabahnur on Etsy. Ohh!!!

Handmade Baby Love on etsy sure knows how to make a mummy's heart melt!
Their collection of knitted baby boots are soooooo adorable and I'm ordering a few right now!
Oh, I can't wait for my baby to put them on...
Hurry up January!!

I love animal accessories, and my favourite are owls, koi fish, peacocks and swallows.
So you can imagine just how mad I am going for these two beauties!
Oh, if only shipping was cheaper ! :(

These cute softies will look amazing in my daughters crib...
Ohh!! I love the soft colour of lavender on the bunny- and the amazing contrasting colours and pattern on this owl.
Manic Muffin Tote has so many amazing items to choose from!

Items on etsy that I love are; animal cushions, ceramic owls, knitted/ crocheted things, cute cushion patterns, animal accessories and vintage buttons! Ohh

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