Introducing to you

baby Clover Audrey Khayalan Ong.
She has just past 6 months and is brewing well inside of me...
She loves story telling and songs by her daddy, and she loves playing punch bag with mummy! :P

Oh, I can't wait to put those little socks on her tiny feet and rock her to sleep in my arms. Or cry over her cuteness with Raymond. Ohhhh..... Please travel faster, time!


Marta R. Gustems said...

I have a 3 months baby...and it's incredible! http://dibujogente.blogspot.com/2009/09/maman-marta.html

Summer said...

congratulations! i so love your blog! been following you for quite a while. the shoes on the first page are just the best! love the last pair. the yellow orange :D