a Lovely discovery...

While browsing through the pages of my latest fashion magazines, I came across a similarity between all the fashion must haves and photo spreads. Most of the models were wearing watches. Lets admit that watches nowadays just aren't a fashion necessity anymore.

Well, I came upon a brand that sounded new, yet familiar to me, Michele watch. They offer amazing watch designs that come in various shapes and colours.
Whether you want to go casual, funky, sexy or even elegant, these watches are gonna dazzle up your every look and make everyone look twice!

I must say that I am in love with the funky Tropical Paradise collection.
The unique enamel and diamond design on the face of the watch features three models of tropical animals such as flamingo, frog, and toucan, which are enhanced by the beautiful surrounding of lagoons and tropical plants.
The cheerful designs and colours manage to bring nature closer to my heart! Ohh...

Ohh, isn't that toucan watch wonderful! I love unique pieces of jewelry, especially if they feature animals or plants!

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