My taste in music

I always get asked; 'what kind of music do you like?'
Well, that is a complicated question to answer. My mood seems to swing during the different times of the day. for instance, in the morning, I would prefer slow and melodic music, as for the afternoon, indie pop and bossanova tune up my spirit. and at night, I am a slave of British music.
Everything from The Beatles, RadioHead, Blur, Arctic monkeys, etc...

Here is my list of my five favourite afternoon tunes.
(click on the artist's name to view their websites)

1. Seabear- The Ghost That Carried Us Away

2. Sebastian Tellier- Politics

3. Club 8-The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming

4. Ivy- Edge of the Ocean

5. Bebel Gilberto-Momento

6. The Album Leaf- In a Safe Place

7. Psapp- The Camels Back

Heres one of my favourites;

Seabear- I Sing I Swim


thesydneygirl said...

i am the same!!!! i always feel like listening to different music, at different times of the day. i am quite the moody one :P xxx

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

tell me what you listen to.. i'll post it up!
we can share, maybe we have the same taste..


Jacket said...

Love love love Seabear, and your blog!

our link is

Mary said...

lovely selection

my taste is sooo eclectic.
i guess its reflective of what kinda mood i'm in...