I'm back in my creative mode!!!
However, this time I'm on a mission to decorate my unborn daughter's room.
Currently I'm working on a daddy, mummy and me elephant painting on an A3 sized canvas.
On the other 3 canvases, i plan to do a peacock, giraffe and some owls..
Oh, my daughter will be so lucky!

Expect some newest pics soon!!!

BTW, these pics were taken last year when we (the cat, Cotton and I) were completing a small project for work. Oh, I love how my furry, gentle babies are always there to bug and ruin my projects! xxx


daisychain said...

your kitty is SO cute!

Aimz said...

Omg you're backkkk........ >.<
Looking forward to your posts... ;))

Aimz said...

Ooh btw, I've moved to a new blog! Come visit... :)
Send my love to Ray and the babies yah xOxO

Aimz said...

I noticed that i missed out on your first post since your return to blogging...so i went all the way back nd then i find out that you're due??!? O_O
I wished i had known sooner! But somehow our email communication did sorta hang huh... =/
ANYWAYs, please please take care love! And seriously, after i graduate i'm coming down there!! :D