I am currently working on some new illustrations and can't wait to share them all with you.
Hiiihihii... I'm so busy and caught up in my own little mess of colours and fur..

Do any of you own cats, that like to try to join in on your creative work??
My cat cotton loves to drink / step in my paint and then walk across my work. And Linen on the other hand, opts to paint tasting and paint brush chewing. Ughh..
I hate cleaning up their mess but love their nuisance.
Thank God Raymond is being a great husband and giving a real hand when it comes to cleaning up! ;p

Oh, this week I am officially passing 7 months pregnant and carrying a basket ball-sized baggage.
Little Clover seems very eager to pop out any time now. Honestly, I am preparing for her arrival very soon because she just doesn't seem too happy cramped up inside mommy.

Well, lots of changes are going on in my life now and I'm very happy and open handed about it. I wake up every morning with an exciting feeling of what the day has to hold for me...

Hmm,,, Well, I'll continue working on my illustrations and cleaning up the mess that my cats make along the way.

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daisychain said...

wow, seven months! I'm excited for you!

My kitty trys to eat my chains when I'm making jewellery. Ugh x