Artist Interview. 5 minutes with Marta R. Gustems

Last week, Marta R. Gustems, the creator and artist behind dibujogente blog and Martargustems online gave me a special chance to interview her on her inspiration, life and work.
I must say, I was so pleased when the mother of a newly born, 3 month little boy accepted my request and i feel honored to have been given a small 'sneak peak' of her life.

As usual, I asked about her inspirations and aspirations of being an artist/ illustrator/ fashion designer.
I found Marta's answers rather detailed and unique which left me fully inspired for the whole weekend. I even managed to produce a few very detailed pieces which I normally don't have the time and patience for!

Read the rest below... And hopefully it will inspire you as much as it did to me...

Marta, please describe your work!

Basically I am a fashion designer and I am developing my own brand name, I
have a concept store in Barcelona...but since I was a child, I have always
drawn. About two years ago, I decided to take my pencils and my aquarelles
again and did a couple of expositions.

My new projects consists in joining these two passions, fashion and drawing
in a blog with a descriptive and poetic title: "Dibujogente". These are
drawings made with pencil, about people according to me with style, charm
and personality.

How, why and when did you end up becoming an artist?

Honestly, I don't consider myself as an "artist"...I just like creating,
and not only in fashion or painting but also in general, in all the details
of my daily life. I learnt that from my parents, since we were children, my
brother and I have always developed our own projects, maybe that's why I
don’t feel that comfortable with the "artist" concept.

My brother and I have always developed
our own projects,
maybe that's why I

don’t feel that comfortable
with the "artist" concept.

Where do you usually find your inspirations?

I would say in life in general, a cocktail made with people, cinema, books,
music, dreams, cities...

Do you ever suffer from a ''no inspiration'' fever? How do you overcome it?
Maybe it can sound strange or arrogant, but to be honest no, I always have
an idea in mind...
If for some reason I feel like stuck, I wait for a few days and then comes
a solution naturally.

What are your most early childhood memories?

I remember when I was at school for instance, some friends asking me to
draw them things they liked (a princess...; )

What artists do you think influence your art the most?

I really appreciate art and artists, a piece of art that touches me gives
me an extra motivation, but I try to keep a certain distance so that its
influence does not reflect directly on my work.
Great artists, there are many! Quite impossible for me to select one among
all of them...

If you were able to change a famous art piece because you think you could
have done a better job, what would it be?and why?

No this I could not... I have too much respect for the work of others, even
if there is something I particularly dislike or don’t share, it is the
artist proposal and we have to leave it as it is.

I started like most people, namely working home, and then, after working in
a couple of studios, I decided to create my own and independent space at
home and I am working from there now.
It is just great if you know how to organize yourself and if you manage to
keep a bit of a work discipline. Home sweet home!

Please drop by Marta's online fashion boutique of her concept store, SUITE in Barcelona where you will find some very interesting and unique fashion pieces.


SpECAIL La Comb said...

I have visited her blog and website. You are right- they are so wonderful and insiring. Marta is so talented!

cristina said...

amazing work, amazing person!!!

Poppy said...

What a great interview, and such amazing illustrations. Thanks so much for sharing.

Marta R. Gustems said...

thank you very much LaComb, Cristina, Poppy...and Catherine!!

Johnstonovez said...

thank you very much LaComb, Cristina, Poppy...and Catherine!!

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