A Home Close to Nature

Spending annual month long holidays with my father during my childhood, we often wandered off into the wildness far from any civilization. Spending hours trekking along non-existing paths or snorkeling in the natural waters barely untouched by humans transformed my world into a paradise. All of the happiness, plants, animals, facial expressions, decoration, simplicity... It sticks with me until today. Whenever I close my eyes, I travel back to my paradise and all the images come to life.
Sadly, one can't live in an imaginary paradise forever. 

Staying close to nature has always comforted me and put my life in balance. Whenever possible, I collect items and set them around the house or office. Items that seem like junk to someone's eyes is almost always someone elses treasure.

Underwater life has always fascinated me. The fact that we know so little about it excites me and makes me feel like it truly is another world apart.

That is why I adore terrariums, fish tanks, and water gardens.

These water garden images originate from the World In Green and RadMegan.

An ideal home is one that bonds with nature. Whether indoor or outdoor, plants are beautiful. Here are a few homes living in harmony with nature.

All images taken from here. 

If you aren't a fan of extreme nature living, or simply can't find the energy to water them at the end of the day, perhaps some mini plant pots will do for you. Since the plant pots provide minimal space, the plants don't mature and grow large.

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