A Peak Inside a Bunch of Artists' Studios. What Kind of Artist Are You? Minimalist VS Mayhem

How would you classify yourself as an artist? What color are your walls? What are on your walls? How do you create your art work?

A studio tells a lot about an artist's work and personality and through these studio photos, we will see how diverse we actually all are in creating art.

What Kind of Artist Are You?

The cozy-nook blogger

The hard-core industrial designer daddy.

The Japanese-Nordic lover

The super modern graphic designer.

The OCD architect with built-in ceiling to floor cabinets and drawers.


The overly enthusiastic artist which no canvas can ever contain

The senior artist who knows well what he is doing but actually prefers reading and sketching outdoors. "Oh don't worry darling, I know exactly where it is."

The well known artist that gives a damn about how is space is SUPPOSED to look.

The urban artist who makes the most of his small space. 
"I swear I put it there, someone must have moved it. It was right there!"

The artists that incorporates exercising into his work. Has odd ropes and sticks hanging or laying around and has no trouble locating his art medias as all are bought in bulk and stacked in a corner on top of each other.

The fine art graduate who finds beauty in everyday things and believes a studio is just a traditional working studio.

So, what kind of studio do you have?

If you would like to have your studio pictures posted up in the next Artist Studio, please drop us a line at lucy.catherine.ashley at gmail dot com.

For more studio pictures, please visit No Place Like HEIMA on Pinterest. 


Kelly said...

This is a fantastic post and you have a great blog. i will make this my daily read from now on!

i am the architect OCD hahaaa.
i can't stand even a spec of dust in my studio

Frankie S said...

I am the dude with the space issues. Its true what you said that somebody always misplaces my stuff.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing all of these studios. I love your blog and pinterest!