DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

If you have a kitchen, it is almost likely that you have had at least 1 wooden spoon throughout you life. How do you remember that spoon to be? Just like any other spoon, it was 'just' a spoon. 'just' a kitchen utensil.
Why have "just" things lying around the house when you can have unique, meaningful pieces by just simple DIY-ing!

Here are some wooden & bamboo spoon DIY's that have been quite trending lately. From etching, drawing, painting or even ombre dyeing work.

Wooden Spoons from WindandWillowHome's Etsy Page

 Ombre wooden spoons by oMeandoMy

 DIY Etched Wooden Spoons from Designmom

Painted wooden spoons

Remember, when painting/ selecting the spoons, use a proper suitable paint to prevent peeling or bubbling when wet/ heated.

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