Modern Black and White Kid's Bedroom

Not many years ago, parents were under the impression that boys were blue and girls were pink. Yellow, cream, green and white were unisex, while every other colour was not really considered.
Over these past few months, we have noticed that more and more kids rooms show solid, strong, stand out colours such as black and red. More and more families are chucking out wallpaper and drapes and painting their walls white like an empty canvas just waiting to be coloured. Most of the colour now comes from the art work, bed and curtain fabrics, wall decals, and decoration.
This amazing painting is from Ashley G.

Notice how many of the rooms have black wall dots and stickers. If you are willing to throw out a few of your o'change, invest in these gorgeous heart wall stickers from Ferm Living. Or if you are a DIY maniac, DO paint these on yourself or simply buy a sheet of black sticker and experiment with different shapes. (pluses are the new polkadot)

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