Moroccan Patterned Carpets and Stencils

In Morocco, these designs are usually hand-carved delicately on the walls of mosques and court yards or painted upon clay tiles which are repeated over and over again to create the pattern. These patterns have been around for hundreds of years yet have only recently picked up fame and have been modernized into homes all around the world.We have been seeing moroccan patterned carpets popping up all over the net and featured in various interior  design blogs and magazines.

 Carpets above are from here and here.

This girl's room uses the moroccan pattern colour pink wisely as most of it is focused on the floor area, yet it manages to create a warm, balanced bedroom.

There are a lot of stencils available on both online and in stores to create your own customized wall paper. We are in love with the white grayish bathroom below and how the pattern stands out from the white.

Don't know which design to pick? Simply add all patterns to your staircase with a different design on each step. I love the gray patterns against the light brown wood. If you want to add this design into your home, drop by these sites which offer free tutorial and templates to be used at  home.

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