Myrtle Snow's Best Fashion Picks

We must confess that we are totally obsessed with the American Horror Story series. While the highly anticipated season 4 "freak show" is being shot, let's have a quick look at one of the characters who really stood out in season 3 "Coven". No, it is not Jessica Lange, despite her incredible acting skills and impeccable fashion and presence. 

When Myrtle Snow appeared on screen she instantly stood out from the rest of the cast as she seemed to be the only spot of colour and fashion throughout the season. Looking somewhat like Vivienne Westwood warped into a character that had just jumped out of Hogwarts, she presented to-die-for outfits with her trademark gingerish red mad hair that created a mane around her little face.

The Head of the Witches Council, Myrtle Snow who was portrayed by the talented Frances Conroy is an aged woman whose daily attire consists of eccentric couture outfits, cat-eyed vintage framed specs and stand out to-die-for leather gaspar gloves.

Here are a few of our favourite looks

Myrtle's last words: "Balenciaga!"

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