No Place Like HEIMA New Prints

New place like Heima has just published some wonderful, bright abstract paintings which were inspired by Catherine Ashley's two wonderful daughters, Sophie and Clover. Following their imagination and day to day life and routines, these paintings portray their feelings and their outlook of the world. All of the paintings were created together with her two lovely daughters who added details/ colours.

 Life in the Sea, 2015. watercolour, pigment and chinese ink, with details of acrylic and sequins.

 While painting in her studio with her two daughters, this image popped to mind and Sophie decided to add some pink sequins to it. so Life in the Sea was created.

Twilight Sparkle, 2015. Gouache and acrylic with sequins and ink details.

 Clover inspired the Twilight Sparkle painting because of how she gasped at the salmon-pink sunset that covered the sky. I asked her to come up with a word for her feelings, and Twilight Sparkle was born. From that day, pink sunsets will be known as Twilight Sparkle.

Mix, 2015. Gouache and Chinese ink with glitter.

 This piece had the colors hand picked out by Sophie. The blacks adds an abstract tough to it.


Hunch, 2015.  oil and acrylic on heavy oil paint canvas-paper

Hunch was inspired by the colors of the Indonesian Kain Ikat.

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