Alex Polanco - Bronx, NY room of the month

This is the apartment of Alex Polanco, which has been selected to be the Modern Dose featured room of the month.

Currently living in the Bronx NYC, Alex is making a living as a freelance art director and graphic designer. Inspired to create this space as a direct reflection of his personality, warm and vibrant colors were used. Throughout the photos you can see the usage of brown tones, various shades of oranges, reds, and yellows to portray his happy and charismatic personality.

This space also demonstrates how beauty can be inexpensive. This space has been decorated with furniture derived from second-hand stores which has then been restored. Other pieces or furniture have actually been found in the trash. As Alex stated, “The things people in NYC throw away can make great treasures.”
This space is a great example of a cross between classic and mid-century modern furniture and electronics. As demonstrated in the photos, you see a 1950’s console phone player with a TV from the 1970’s directly next to the plasma and an eight-track player placed behind the sofa. The outdoor terrace provides a modern eclectic feel with tropical influences that Alex has taken from his native land, the Dominican Republic. When viewing the bedroom, you are surrounded by a south-east Asian feel. The window treatments and bedding have been designed by Alex and contain bold graphic Asian prints and bright orange colors.

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