Cath Kidston

Mr Bble is wee-ing on the floor as I am typing in this post.
Arrrggghhhh.... ;(

during my lunch break today, i went up to visit the book store above the boutique where I'm currently working. After searching around-looking for something interesting to browse thru, I suddenly noticed this odly placed book on the corner of the shelf.

who says we can't judge by the cover of the book!!

Here of some of the items sold at her online shop here
Did you ever know how adorable a radio could actually be...
This is a one of a kind piece and God do I want it...

I am also a massive fan of their fabric collection.. I love dusty colours such as dusty blue, pink, yellow and green- I believe that the dustier the colour- the older it looks..

We don't have to splash out on vintage and antiques, we can just be a little bit more selective and clever when it comes to colours..


michelle said...

finaly an update that I have been dying to read. . .

thank you lucy
never abandon us again!

Catherine Ashley said...

you are more than welcome, MIchelle
THANK YOU for visiting me and dropping a comment

luvv uu

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