New Years in style

New Years Eve was celebrated stylishly by our beloved stars. Vanessa Hudgens was parading around town with her gay boyfriend "that i don't even know his name" donning a headband that was recently seen on Lindsay Lohan and the Olsens head.While Posh and her boy-man went for a more glamourous night out with the fellow Spice girls. Posh looks amazing here. i am deeply in love with her black lace dress... But God!I hate those robot automatic tits that shes wearing!!

"Yes, I'm in the list too!!!"
Paris Hilton was busy hitting clubs and gulping down acid all around town, but atleast she did it in style. Don't you think her natural short hair looks so much better than those long, blond human hairs she used to stick around her head.!!
I have to say that I'm loving her blingblong sequin dress..The colours are fab and really suit the occasion well. But her name on the front of her dress!! Fuck you!! thats a bit narcissistic isn't it, Paris!!

Ahaakkkahahakk... I just had to put in this pic.. it's our fellow Briton nutter, James Blunt dressed as... ermm... a hippie!?!?!

Happy New Year

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