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i just had to do a blog on my fav plastic lens camera. My holga is my true best friend and is always there to capture images with it's cheerful coloured flash.
Holga has another best friend tho besides me... that is miss Diana, the made in HK plastic device...

Toy cheep,plastic 120mm cameras are making a huge comeback..

These Hong Kong-Russian made cameras are beginning to rule the photography scene ...

These toy cameras capture the world through their plastic eyes and add a personalized touch to your pictures!



Difference between Holga and Diana

Film: both take 120
Negatives: Both shoot 12 5.2×5.2cm negs
Holga can shoot 16 frames as a rectangular 5.2×4.2 , Diana can shoot 16 square frames 4.2×4.2
Both have tripod sockets.

Both have 1 shutter speed, and B (bulb) for long exposures.

Holga has only 1 aperture (2 aperture settings, but same aperture)
Diana has 3 apertures.

Diana+ has a pinhole aperture and removable lens for pinhole photographs.

Holga has a hotshoe, Diana has no flash provision.

Better lens quality? Holga camera is slightly sharper. Does this make it better? Many would argue it puts the Holga in the minus column.

Diana has a handy little plastic tool to hold shutter open for long exposures. Holga does not, but you can purchase a shutter release attachment that is easier to use with a cable release. For night photography, the Holga with accessory cable release attachment has the edge.

Holga is $25, Diana+ is $50. (http://www.bhphotovideo.com)

info from here

and pics from here

i have been longing for another toy camera which has a cat on it.. such as the panda, Pokemon and Barbie toycams. If any of you know where i could find one.. please contact me........ thankies...

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