It runs in the family

My mum has a great passion for art and craft. She has taught me many valuable lessons in art throughout my young years that i still carry in my mind today.

She is an English/art teacher and loves creating things with her never tired hands. She makes some stunning Christmas wreaths every year along with a collection of cards for each season and celebration. She makes hundreds of teaching props for her students and my two other siblings, Damai and Zefanya. No wonder they have grown into massive kids(almost teens) that appreciate and have a deep passion for art too. !!!

It is such a blessing to have a mother like this who is always by your side and supporting your every move with her trust and her never ending love. I love you, Mum!!

Well back to the reason why I did this post... I've noticed that my mum has been quilling a lot lately. For you who don't know what quilling actually is, well it is a paper art which requires a lot of patience and delicacy. Strips of paper are rolled and curled up into patterns and stuck upon a flat surface. It is amazing how long these things actually take to make!

Here is a fan that my mum has been working on.
notice the details... wow...
I'm gob smacked! There is no way in this world that i would have the patience for this..

P.S. My mum, who goes by the name Samantha Jane is currently in-talk with a local book publisher to get out her own book that she has always dreamed of. She is opting to make her own quilling book and selling some quilling products along with it. I can't wait to see how it goes! fingers crossed..
good luck!!

Here are a few others...


Anonymous said...

Wow, your mum is mega talented.Those are really nice artworks

Anna said...

The thread flowers are beautiful. I have never seen such technique before. You are such a lucky family

Anonymous said...

interesting skill