These are some of the pics that I came across on flickr during my retail design research last year. They are a collection of window displays at Bergdorf Goodman.

Bergdorf always works miracles and seems to splash out hundreds of thousands to make these magnificent, amazing and breath taking displays.

I've always considered the men behind this genius display a clone of myself thru art. I always exaggerate and put the most to my work, often overflowing of ideas. I hate empty spaces and always try to cover and fill up all the blank and emptiness with anything i can find that fits into the theme. I love repetition and don't mind if i have a few of the same stuff in one place. It just adds the craziness.

I just think that minimalism is for lazy and boring people.



Anonymous said...

wow lucy, these pictures have really set off a new level of window display. they are amazing

Joe said...

lovely designs!!