The A listers jot a not down from Carrie

God!! These hats (mad head pieces) are just over-doing the looks lately...
Paris looks pathetic in her little hat, as did Sarah Jessica Parker last week here...

Victoria Beckham’s did a Carrie by walking over to Harrods in London to promote her dVb clothing line looking like she had just stepped out of the Sex and The City flick.

With her usually bobbed hair elegantly pulled back, the crater-faced fashionista rocked fitted grey slacks and a dramatic Carrie Bradshaw-esque strapless top.

Are you feeling it?? 

Despite Posh’s less than pefect skin, it appears there is one man who loves her in all her pimply glory. That man? None other than David Beckham. In an interview with the UK’s GMTV today, the acne-prone stylista said: “He likes me without any makeup on – just looking really natural.”

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