Anthropology rainbow

Antropology is one of the best online shops when it comes to dresses, blouses and home decoration. Each blouse is made with such care and is really good in quality.
The wide selection of blouses range from simple to high fashioned styles.

Here are a few of my this seasons fav..

The blouses
At-The-Villa ShellFind-The-Limelight TankKizaki BlouseBobble Blossom Halter
Libretto BlouseSphere Play BlouseOlmstead TankCoquette Top
Gaslight BlouseVelvet Mesquite BlouseSwallow's Tale Blouse 

The lovely dresses
Two-To-Tango ShiftByzantine DressGoldenrod ShiftStar Turn Dress
Rubidoux ShiftHomeward-Bound DressCool, Cool Water Dress

The bags
La Monica ToteAmphibia ToteMarbled Leather ToteSpice Rack Bag Triptych Wallet

The scarfs and wraps
Whirring Conservatory ScarfNocturne WrapIncandescent Scarf
Coral Reef ScarfMarram Grass WrapDegas Scarf

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kristiperron said...

omg! i'm looking everywhere for that bird shirt.... happen to know the name? i know... i know... i'm a year late, but there is always ebay.....