Glowing in ELLE

The amazingly talented and glam actress who recently acted besides Willie Smith in Hancock (or which Raymond calls; Handcock!) :) is all over the pages off ELLE showing us the reasons to envy her 24/7 glowing self.

 “I don’t have hang-ups about the way I look.
 I can see myself in the mirror when I’m all done up and think I look pretty hot, 
but I can see myself every day and see this round Dutch doll face. We’ve got so crazy about our faces and our bodies.
 I guard my privacy partly because I like to keep my head free from all that paranoia. I’m not super-skinny. I have curves and they belong on my body. I put on two stone for Monster but I also lost two stone when I played a woman with cancer in Sweet November [alongside Keanu Reeves].”

Ps. Remember that orange outfit that Posh wore to Project Runway finals?!?1

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