Wedding bells

As my wedding date is getting closer and closer, I am getting pretty worried that I don't have enough time. I am getting the wedding blues...

After deciding on having a vacation wedding- due to many reasons, I am going for a more simple gown. A gown that is small in volume but yet rich in details,  light & able to flow freely in the wind.

Finally, I have narrowed it down and decided on the designer for my wedding gown.
  Lusan Mandongus

His exquisite gowns just awe me and make me feel so beautiful and complete as a woman. For me, that is really important in selecting a wedding gown.

A few weeks back, before coming to Taiwan, Raymond and I made an appointment at the new "Designer Bridal Room" Boutique that had just opened a few weeks earlier.

I tried on some amazing gowns from Karl Lagerfeld, Vera Wang, John Galliano and Lusan Mandongus. Lovely rich details, crystals, dainty lace and delicate embroideries decorated the gowns in such an amazing and unique way.

But after trying on one particular dress (LM),  a small tear rolled down my face as I looked at myself in the mirror. 
I felt like the dress was made for me. Just for me. Or either I was created just for that one dress. It was a such magical feeling that I have never felt before. So intense....

The ladies opened the curtains of the fitting room and I slowly turned around to face my lovely fiance that was seated on a two seater in front of me. He immediately stood up and I could see from his face that he felt what I felt. 

He smiled at me and told me how beautiful I looked and how lucky he is to have me.
For a moment, we were in our own little world. 
Our heaven. 
Our eternity of never ending love. xx

That is how I knew that was my dress. The dress chose me. Lucky me..

But unfortunately, the price tag was a bit more that what we could afford....
Hopefully I will manage to find another dress like that. A dress that fits me. That I was made for...

That my dears, is how you know what to wear on your day
Don't worry, because I believe that each girl is specially created in such a way to fit in one dress. One lovely dress....


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