you say hello....

I went to the zoo last weekend and had a great time.
I took millions of pics. and when I got home, I turned them all to black and white! :(
I love black and white!:)
Is it a bad thing? Why am I so scared of colour?

Ps. Today on the tube on the way home from work, I gave my seat to a poor old lady who seemed more in need than me. She gave me a very warm smile..

8 stops later, as I was about to get off, she grabbed my hand near the exit and said thankyou to me. She said "THANKYOU" in English!
Do you know how rare it is here to hear an old lady say thankyou!!

It really made my day...
Such a short but powerful word!

Thankyou old lady- hope we meet again...

Do you have a story about how a simple thank you made your day perfect..
Tell them and let me share them on my blog!


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