diamonds last forever

My wedding is coming up and I am counting the days! (35)
Ahhh... I am in love!!!

I hope my marriage can last forever just as my diamonds on my band will..

Picking up my wedding band was extremely hard since there are so many choices out there and many of them are just repetitions and replicas of the major jewelry brands out there such as Tiffany's, Bvlgary, etc...
"Try this one on, its just like Tiffany's"
"Try this on one, this is our best selling bands"

God! Why do people think that we want to be like everyone else! Is it so strange to want to look different??

Well, adventualy we settled down with  very simple platinum rings with a single diamond implanted in the middle... Simple but chic!

As I was saying, finding the ultimate ring that will be part of your life for the next tens of years is really hard. So don't copy other's and don't go for best selling rings. Make it special and sacred!

Buying online is amazingly efficient and easy. The options are wider and more varied.
I've noticed that the prices are more competitive and the items are better in quality compared to them  from the stores.

This lovely site that I discovered offers amazing rings and other jewelry for various occasions.
What attracts me the most are the three stoned rings. This was my original idea for a wedding band since 3 stones are just amazingly perfect for the hand. The diamonds stand out without overdoing the look. A classic choice!

As for normal occasions as dinners, gatherings, etc, I always go for a simple necklace with a small diamond pendant on it. The diamond pendants offered at Classic Jewelry are lovely!!
They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes to match your personality.

As for earrings, I always prefer single stud earrings because I believe the simpler the better!
Studded earrings highlight anyones look and enhance ones look greatly.

For more information, you should check out their amazing range of jewelry and mix and match your self according to you or even send a surprise to the one you love.

Don't miss the hip pendants for you with a funky and edgy personality out there!

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The Seeker said...

just 35 days for the wedding...
OMG you must have so much to do.
And I wish you all the luck and hapiness in this world!!!!
Yes, that your marriage will be like diamonds, forever and beauties.