My new babies!!!

I've finally got my hands on the latest must- have camera from Nikon..
The amazing D90 features so much compared to the older Nikon versions!!!
It's 12.3 megapixels creates really low noise images.
Now I can't wait to get my wide screen lens that I've been wanting for some time now!

Hee... also managed to win a bid on Ebay for this amazing vintage Polaroid 600.
Stocking up on silly expired films now!!

Now this beauty..........
the polaroid OneStep Land SX-70 is getting harder and harder to operate due to the film shortage. As you know, polaroid film sheets are no longer available or printed from polaroid anymore due to bankruptcy. 
However, the 600 films are still quite easy to get since there a few private companies around the world that still produces them. But the sx-70 film are completely gone from the market.
the remaining few films are sold off on ebay for outrageous prices! Tooo bad....


The Seeker said...

It's great hope you'll enjoy it and have a great time.

And those other babies are just gorgeous, I'm a lover for old cameras.

Have a nice weekend


Betty said...

I actually heard that some outrageous German tycoon or something bought up the film company and is going to start making more by the end of this year...something worth looking up at least.