Oh, have you noticed?!

OK, Once in a while celebrities make fashion mistakes. We can soon forget about it and move on. But when a celebrity starts to dress terribly continuously, your eyes start to follow them and wonder whether they've somehow gone blind- or lost all of their senses.

This is what I've been thinking about the dumb Paris lately
Yeah, we all  know how much she wants to become a "pink, princess, barbie, plastic, cute, hellokitty" thing, but it is really not working out lately.
Not that she's been whoring out her line of bags and shoes, nor wearing big prints of herself on her shirts, but she has been parading around the world wearing halloween/playboy party stuff.

what is it with the headbands or dangly things that she ties around her head?
the make up she wears?
the dresses she matches with her bags?

all i can say is;


all images from Fadedyouthblog.


...love Maegan said...

aaaaaahahahh ..yeah, she doesn't get what's happening in fashion right now ...it's totally not her style and it's clear she has no idea how to make it work ..lol ...great great post.

Anonymous said...

Yeah She is so not now...Now her style like lady gaga meets Katty Perry

andrea said...

ummm...in my opinion shes never been particularly tasteful, she is a beautiful woman, but ive never really thought of her as a style icon, frankly she always comes of as a bit tacky

Lisazfvw said...

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