Motion graphics

Stephane Tartelin
is an artist that is expert in motion graphics, animation and illustration.
Her designs are featured on many garments around the word, especially Quicksilver..
Her quirky illustrations mostly portray what I would call urban electronic females.

PS. Don't you love the dog illustration above?!


Aima Kessy said...

Awesome! Yeah the dog illust is kren...look at that pingu he's hugging!

Poppy said...

What darling illustrations, quite adorable. Thanks for le sharing.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Ooh these are delightful. "Fur Love" - haha love it!

O'Style said...

They are super!



Gladys Lopez said...

these are really nice! i love the colors. it's pretty amazing that her designs are on quicksilver. :D