My morning

This morning, I was woken by a high pitch ringing sound coming from our bedroom balcony.
I looked out of our glass door to see a familiar darkish object on the tiles of the floor.
Our cicada friend that had arrived on our 14th floor balcony last night IS BACK!

Raymond and I managed to sleep through the first hour of ringing until the cicada seemed to never want to stop making that annoying sound.

Ughh.... my morning has started quite rough.
Two hours later and i swear i can somehow still hear it in my head.

Please Mr. cicada, go and mate on a tree down there.....


Hsin Chou said...

Or, let your cats out on the balcony.....they will take care of Mr. Cicada

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Cicada cat poop for ray.

Raymond took care of it by scarily throwing water on it