Our lovely trip to San Xia

San Xia Town

This weekend, Raymond and I decided to travel a bit out of the city to celebrate my newly gained freedom. hihii

On Friday night, we were lying helplessly in bed while watching bits and bobs of some channels on TV. When suddenly we came across Janet's Taiwan Fun program on Discovery Travel and Living where she introduced an old town in Taiwan thats called San Xia. This small retreat was built during the years of being colonized by Japan.

To cut things short, we decided to drive down there the following day.

Accompanied by a lovely weather and breeze, we strolled down the old, antique roads with our camera(s). Yes, somehow Raymond managed to fit 3 or 4 cameras into his bag!!! hahah...

San Xia was OK. It wasn't the old town that I had expected it to be, because the 'town' turned out to only be a road that was packed with tourist commercial stalls. Hmm.

We did manage to get a few pics before it suddenly started to rain...
Like usual, most of them were edited in Black n White