Kanye's latest 'girlfriend' Amber Rose is making women look trashy!
I can't stand any other minute of her 'sexy' (or rather slutty) dresses.
Why can't we all dress like ladies!

Ugh, and what really pisses me is that she is called the latest 'IT' girl in fashion!
Seriously! WTF! This is so degrading and i feel so ashamed! Ugh!

Certainly not classy! Trashy!


Guruizzm said...

I kind of agree & kind of not.. I like some of her outfits. I dont believe in everyone following one type of dresscode. I like the fact that she's more edgy and dresses different. Not everyone has to look like Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld.
But then again, sometimes she's too much.. And she kinda tends to look a bit slutty..

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

yes, she can never seem to cover hey tummy