DIY Teepees and Tents For Kids (and Folks Alike)

Image via The Boo and the Boy

At No Place Like HEIMA, we love kids and believe that there is a kid in everyone one of us. Whether it is designing for kids or simply getting inspired by them, these are no limits in designing in the imagination of a child. That is why it is essential to encourage and support a child in their play.

Parents often splurge on high end, expensive  toys believing that it will 'improve' their child just as the brand promotes. But at At No Place Like HEIMA, we encourage DIY-ing parents as parents know their child the best.

Most of our earliest memories were spent in tents, tree houses or under curtain and bed cover laden chairs and tables, and we had some serious fun in there, didn't we!

Image via Mom.Me

Image via Pine Cone Camp

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