The European Undercut Hairstyles

Kim Jong-un's hairstyle has crossed international and style boundaries as this edgy hairstyle is popping up all over nowadays. The hairstyle that was once reserved for punks and male models is certainly becoming the hairstyle du jour as it is now widely accepted as a formal, dapper hairstyle at the workplace. Whether it is combed back in a slick style, spiked, or simply tossed to the side, thhaircut truly brings out the best in a mans' features.

Once a month, my hubby asks me to shave his hair to maintain its shape. As long as the sides and back part are shaved neatly every now and then, the versatile top part can continue to grow and develop into a whole new style all together which is really easy to handle . Get this cut if you want to look great a range of cool looks.

For females, the undercut can be positioned at the back or the side. Here are a few of my favourites.

I am in love with the chevron pattern shaved on to the back of her head, and the fabulous colour streaks, but can' really see myself doing it anytime soon. For now, a faux undercut will do.

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