frillie designs' photos

as i was browsing through flickr, i came accros this lovely profile full of colourful pictures. she has such a colourful home and shes damn lucky to be able so.

here's her joyful profile'
Hi there, I am a Mum of 3 gorgeous girlies and live in the Essex (UK) countryside in a little coastal village. I love home decorating and styles, fashion and collecting retro and vintage fabrics! It's an addiction!

A couple of years ago I decided to start making a few things out of my fabric collection to sell at my daughters pre-school christmas evening! They went down quite well, but, in and out of decorating and looking after children, I have still only managed to make a few things (generally around Christmas time!) I would love to expand on this and intend to - eventually! I love looking at all the brilliant craft on Flickr, extremely inspiring.

For now though I am happy to muddle on and am totally inspired by vintage (especially 50's 60's and 70's). I love trawling through charity shops, boot sales etc. for little retro finds! especially 70's crockery and fabulous fabric. x

look at that butterfly print.......

the fireplace is breathtaking, it just compliments the buffet and the wooden floor..

aww....i wish i was the one sitting on that shelf

ain't that wallpaper lovely..

this mirror and stained glass door are bloody breathtaking... damn, she did a great job with adding the butterflies to the frame.

her lovely daughters room.. isn't it special.. lucky girl!!
Trays are a great inexpensive way to add a bit of colour and pattern!
simple patterned cutlery and household objects add a retro-personalized touch to the kitchen.

she painted the door to match the footmat. :)

This area is just about to get a makeover! she has found some old 1950's wallpaper that will replace her handiwork! The bunting was made using mix and match of new and old fabrics, bit of Ms Kidston etc.
no comment- i'm just too jealous..

her annual stall at a local primary school.


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